COMP3096 - Research Group Project

This database contains the 2016-17 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2015-16 session are available here.

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Code COMP3096
Year 3 (MEng CS only)
Prerequisites COMP3095 Research Methods
Term 2
Taught By Projects co-ordinator = Licia Capra (100%)

To give undergraduate students exposure to cutting-edge research undertaken in the department and to enhance student awareness of the range of research in computer science. To allow undergraduate students to conduct research in computer science, with an emphasis on understanding and doing the various steps required to realize and validate an idea.

Learning Outcomes

To learn to carry out research activities in a systematic and organized way; to critically evaluate and review their work and the work of others; to present succinctly to an informed audience (orally and in writing); to produce an original research paper or technical report


The students will work in groups to conduct a research project and produce a report/paper presenting their results, under the supervision of one of the departments’ research grou