COMPGA18 - Cryptanalysis

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CodeCOMPGA18 (Also taught as COMPM068)
PrerequisitesIntroduction to Cryptography COMPGA03
Taught ByNicolas Courtois and Christophe Petit

Study of major topics in cryptanalysis. Showing a variety of ways to break, fix/repair and to measure/evaluate the security of cryptographic primitives. Understanding the maths, the security design principles, the internal structure and important properties of major cryptosystems. Study of major computational hard problems in cryptography (symmetric and public key). Step by step analysis of mathematical/algebraic/statistical attacks, methods and algorithms in cryptanalysis. 

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of how current cryptographic security technologies are built with individual components and their interaction, how they are (sometimes) defeated and how they can be designed or enhanced to be more robust. Understanding security goals, attacks and defences and other requirements in cryptographic systems.Understanding different types of attacks (e.g. key recovery vs. decryption). Learning how to evaluate the practical feasibility of attacks in terms of time, memory, pre-computation, data and the protocol / context in which they can be executed. 

Understanding the role of keyed operations, non-linearity,