COMPGC05 - Algorithmics

This database contains the 2016-17 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2015-16 session are available here.

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Year MSc
Prerequisites This course should be taken in conjunction with the core courses for MSc Computer Science and MSc Financial Computing.
Term 2
Taught By Denise Gorse (50%), Jens Krinke (50%)
Aims To introduce more formal aspects of algorithms and data structures than in the first term. Properties of data types such as queues and search trees. Techniques for analysing the complexity and decidability of algorithms. Formal models of computation.
Learning Outcomes Knowledge of a selection of standard data structures and abstract data types. The ability to choose appropriate data structures for programming problems. Understanding of a variety of common algorithms and why some are more efficient than others. Ability to discuss uncomputable and intractable algorithms.