MSc Computer Science - Mahidol University, Thailand

Want the opportunity to study in Thailand?


Department of Computer Science, UCL has entered an agreement with Mahidol University, Thailand. 


All students studying our specialist Master of Science programmes now have the opportunity to extend their study period and gain a dual degree certificate both from UCL and Mahidol University.  There are 4 scholarships available so for those successful candidates there would be no extra cost.


Follow the taught section of any of our specialist Masters programmes; Term 1, Term 2 and sit the exams in Term 3, then venture off to Thailand and follow the taught part of Mahidol University Master degree. You then have the option to participate in a project dissertation either here at UCL or to stay in Thailand and participate in a project dissertation there.  See approximate timeline here.


On successful completion you will gain a dual degree certificate from both UCL and Mahidol University, one for your original Masters programme you embarked on at UCL and one from MSc Computer Science programme at Mahidol University.