Staff Student Consultative Committee

Departmental Staff Student Consultative Committee

The Departmental Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) is a forum for discussion between the staff and students of the department.

Terms of Reference

The Academic Manual sets out the full Terms of Reference for the SSCC,


The membership of the SSCC will be agreed through consultation with students, but must include the following:

  • Head or Deputy of Department
  • Chair of Departmental Teaching Committee
  • Departmental Tutor
  • Programme Directors of each BSc/ MEng, MSc, and MRes
  • Research Students Tutor
  • Lead Departmental Representative
  • Course Representatives of each BSc/ MEng, MSc, and MRes


Each SSCC will have joint Co-Chairs, one student and one staff member, who are responsible for agreeing each meeting’s agenda. The student Co-Chair should be the Lead Department Representative (as appointed via the Student Academic Representation Steering Group).


The department will nominate a member of professional service staff to act as Secretary to the committee; this is usually the Undergraduate Programme Administrator.

Meeting dates

SSCC should meet a minimum of at least three times each in each academic year (typically once per term). The Co-Chairs will determine whether further meetings would be useful.

Term Time of meeting Date of meeting Venue
Term 1, 2018/19 14:00 - 16:00 Wed 14th November 2018 MPEB 1.20
Term 2, 2018/19 13:00 - 15:00 Wed 6th February 2019 TBC
Term 3, 2018/19 13:00 - 15:00 Wed 29th May 2019 TBC