The MSc Web Science & Big Data Analytics is taught mainly by staff from the Computer Science department, and in particular by:

Dr. Jun Wang

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

Programme Director of MSc/MRes Web Science and Big Data Analytics

Research Interests

My research focus is on the areas of information retrieval, large scale data mining, multimedia content analysis, and statistical pattern recognition; current research covers both theoretical and practical aspects:


Dr Shi Zhou

Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering/EPSRC Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Complex networks. The structure, function and evolution of large-scale complex networks in nature and society, with an emphasis on the information and communication networks, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Internet inter-domain routing. Measuring and inferring Internet topology and AS relationships; modelling and predicting BGP routing paths; analysing and optimisng routing polices.
  • Cloud computing. Classification of cloud assets, Internet routing of cloud data.
  • Network security. Immunology-inspired Internet defence and security of the Cloud.
  • Epidemic spreading and immunisation. Critical hybrid epidemics, inclulding computer worm Conficker on the Internet and HIV virus in human body.
  • Online social media analysis. Data sampling bias.
  • Social networks.  Modelling, visualisation and prediction.



Prof Ingemar Cox

Professor of Telecommunications
Head of Media Futures Research Group





Dr Emine Yilmaz






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