Results and transcripts

Provisional marks

You will receive provisional marks throughout your studies as your work is marked and you receive feedback on your work. Usually, you will receive marks for coursework tasks via Moodle Gradebook and My Feedback, which will give let you know how well you have done in those tasks and help you improve future work.

Why are marks and grades ‘provisional’ and what does that mean?

Provisional marks are subject to change until they are confirmed through the Programme and Faculty Boards of Examiners and are published by UCL Academic Services via Portico at the end of your programme.

The Programme Board of Examiners must review and verify that assessment and marking processes are sufficiently rigorous before it confirms marks; the Board may also recommend changes to marks (scaling) to account for any instances where the level of an assessment is judged to be too high or too low, which is a normal and essential part of its function.

For this reason, marks can and do change (up or down); therefore, the marks and grades you receive throughout your studies are provisional.

Official marks (official transcripts)

Once your marks have been confirmed by the Programme and Faculty Boards and by Academic Services, these will be published via Portico.

An official transcript will be issued automatically to all graduating students and sent to their contact addresses as held on Portico approximately 8-10 weeks after the awards have been ratified (so you should make sure your contact details in Portico are correct.)

UCL Student Records can produce additional transcripts via the UCL Transcript Shop.

Student of Student Status

Some organisations, like banks or the council, might ask you to prove your student status by providing a Statement of Student Status. This statement confirms your:

  • student number
  • full name
  • programme of study
  • enrolment status
  • mode of attendance
  • registration dates
  • award

How to get a statement of student status

If you are a current UCL student enrolled on a programme of study at UCL, you can print out your own Statement of Student Status from the front page in Portico. Alternatively, you can email the Student Centre to request this.

You cannot be issued with a statement of student status if you have a UCL tuition fee debt on your record.