Reasonable adjustments at Computer Science

Reasonable adjustments at Computer Science

If you have a disability or other long-term medical or mental health conditionith, UCL will support you through your studies by making reasonable adjustments to how your programme is delivered and assessed. The aim of reasonable adjustments is to ensure that all students are able to demonstrate the full extent of their academic abilities, irrespective of a disability or long-term condition. Students whose modules include examinations can also apply for examination adjustment arrangements (which Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing can help with as part of the reasonable adjustments procedure.)

Forms of adjustment (i.e. support we can offer)

Reasonable adjustments can take a wide range of forms (as per the Academic Manual), for example:

  • Additional tuition and library access
  • Support mechanisms and workload planning
  • Ensuring appropriate physical access to facilities
  • Providing materials in an alternative format

And via examination adjustment arrangements:

  • Additional time
  • A separate room
  • Rest breaks
  • Specialist equipment

Declaring a condition

In order for UCL to support you, we need to understand your needs. We therefore encourage you to declare your disability, either fully or partially, as soon as possible. You can do this either at application stage/ pre-enrolment via an Applicant Support Questionnaire, or contact Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing directly at any stage during your studies to request a confidential appointment. A member of the Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing will discuss your support needs with you and agree appropriate follow-on actions, which may include:

  • Production of a Summary of Reasonable Adjustments (SORA)
  • Email liaison with Computer Science, Information Services, Library Services, etc.
  • Attend a drop-in, or book an appointment, to see a UCL Disability adviser for examination adjustment arrangements
  • Onward referral for non-medical help (e.g. specialist tuition, mental health mentoring, note-taking support)


Advice about declaring a disability or long-term medical or mental health condition or making an application for examination adjustment arrangements is available from:

In additon, UCL has a range of support options for students via Student Support and Wellbeing.