Attendance and engagement

Attendance requirements

You should aim to attend all sessions for your programme and modules.

UCL’s minimum attendance requirement is 70% of all scheduled teaching and learning events.

If your attendance falls below that level then you will not be allowed to take summative assessments; this means you cannot complete and pass your modules, and therefore cannot progress through the programme or be elligible for award.

  • Undergraduate students must meet UCL’s minimum attendance requirements during term-time; outside of term-time, there is no requirement for students to be present on campus or to apply for authorised absence.
  • Taught postgraduate students must meet UCL’s minimum attendance requirements during term-time During the summer vacation, students are expected to be studying for their dissertation and to be based at UCL or, if not, to apply for Study Away from UCL.

Absence reporting

If you are absent from UCL due to short-term illness or other extenuating circumstances then you should notify your Programme Director or the Departmental Tutor. If you are studying on a Tier 4 visa then you must also follow the authorised absence procedure.

If an absence has affected your studies or assessment then you should consider making an application for mitigation under the Extenuating Circumstances procedure.

Engagement monitoring

UCL monitors engagement of students with their studies both to identify students in need or support and to fulfil our legal obligations to the UK Home Office as a 'Trusted Sponsor'. There are ten points of engagement, each relating to a set period in the academic year, during which we will make an assessment as to whether you are engaging with your programme of study.

We use a variety of methods to assess your engagement, including:

  • In-person attendance to class (by signing a register; we will usually email in advance to let you know when there will be a register)
  • In-person meeting with a Personal Tutor
  • In-person meeting with a Project/ Dissertation Supervisor
  • In-person submission of coursework to the Departmental Office
  • In-person attendance to an assessment
  • Interaction in Moodle (e.g. posting in the discussion forum)

If we cannot do so by other means, we may email you to ask you to confirm that you are engaging with your studies or ask you to attend a meeting. Please respond prompty and follow any instructions given.

Students whose engagement cannot be verified will be considered as 'not engaged'. If a student is not engaged on three occasions they will be considered for suspension on the grounds of academic insufficiency, and those on a Tier 4 visa must be reported to the UK Home Office.