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Section 26: After study

26.After study

Information on transcripts and how to access replacements, academic references, Higher Education Achievement Reports, and on UCL Alumni activities and key contacts (Centrally Provided.)


An official transcript, detailing examinations taken and results achieved, is issued automatically to all graduating students and sent to their contact addresses as held on Portico approximately 8-10 weeks after the awards have been ratified by the UCL authorities.

UCL Student Records can produce additional transcripts for students on taught programmes as well as for affiliate students via the UCL Transcript Shop.

Transcripts for affiliate students are issued automatically upon the students’ completion of their study at UCL and are dispatched as follows:

  • JYA, Exchange and Erasmus Students – transcripts are issued to the students’ home universities.
  • Independent affiliate students – transcripts are posted to the students’ contact addresses.

26.2.Academic references

Students may request an academic reference in support of an application for employment, further study, or research studentship, etc. Academic references are supplied only in direct response to a formal request from an employer or higher education provider and are not provided directly to students.

An appropriate referee will be a member of academic staff who is familiar with the student; students should therefore ask a member of staff with whom they have been significantly engaged, for example, a personal tutor, group Project Supervisor, or project/ dissertation supervisor for final year students.

Students must request permission from the member of staff prior to naming them as a referee in any application. In their request to the member of staff, they should include details of what the reference is for (e.g. in support of an application for employment, further study, or research studentship, etc.)

If the member of staff agrees to act as a referee then they may ask for further information, for example an up to date curriculum vitae, a job or programme description, and any specific achievements that may be relevant to the application. The member of staff may decline to act as a referee, however.

Staff acting and referees will refer to the student’s academic record and will make a careful assessment of whether the student’s profile is consistent with what is being applied for.

A reference will usually take between two and three weeks to produce (not counting closure days.) More detailed reference requests may take longer to produce.

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26.3.Higher Education Achievement Report

Information about the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) (Centrally Provided.)

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic transcript of a student’s verified academic results and approved non-academic achievements whilst at UCL. Students who commenced their studies in or after September 2011 will have a HEAR made available to them online, via our HEAR provider, Gradintel, each summer - new students will be invited to register for this facility during their first year of study and throughout their students. Students can share their HEAR, free of charge, as a secure electronic token with third parties via their registered Gradintel account.

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26.3.UCL Alumni community

Information on UCL Alumni activities and key contacts (Centrally Provided.)

The UCL Alumni Online Community is a global network of more than 200,000 former students of UCL. Alumni can take advantage of a wide range of benefits, services and discounts – on campus, across the UK and globally – including the Alumni Card, access to thousands of e-journals and library services and a free UCL-branded email service. The UCL Alumni Online Community also posts information about events and reunions happening around the world and other ways to get involved, including the UCL Connect professional development series.

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