Departmental Equal Opportunities Liaison Officers (DEOLO)

The role is to help the Head of Department with the implementation of UCL's Equal Opportunities policies and practice at a departmental level. To be a local resource within the department to whom staff and students can come for information and advice. Provide valuable feedback about equal opportunity implementation at a departmental level, on any specific issues, problems or successes within your department.

Student Support      

UCL is committed to the wellbeing and safety of our students and we try to give assistance wherever we can to ensure your university experience at UCL is a fulfilling, healthy and enjoyable experience.

                           Staff Support                                   

UCL is a dynamic, global university based in one of the most exciting capital cities in the world. Not only does working at UCL offer the opportunity to work with some of the greatest intellects in the world, it also offers competitive terms, conditions and benefits to its staff. In the 2013 UCL staff survey, 83% of staff would recommend UCL as a good place to work and 86% are proud to work for UCL.