COMP3091 - Individual Project

This database contains 2017-18 versions of the syllabuses. For current versions please see here.

Year 3
PrerequisitesSuccessful completion of years 1 and 2 of the Computer Science undergraduate programme of study
Term1 and 2
Taught ByGraham Roberts (100%) Supported by various academic staff supervisors

To give students the experience of undertaking and completing a substantial piece of individual work, applying knowledge learned throughout the degree programme, including the skills of research, analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation.

To document the results to a good academic standard.

Learning OutcomesTo be able to: work individually to undertake a major project, plan and coordinate the project activities to meet the deadlines, make realistic work commitments, write a substantial report to document the project results.



There is no set syllabus: students identify their chosen project topic and find a member of the academic staff who will act as the project supervisor. Students are responsible for organising and carrying out their project, and are expected to attend weekly tutorials during term time with their supervisor. Tutorials allow the supervisor to monitor the progress of the project, providing advice and feedback as necessary.

The project begins in October and runs in parallel with normal teaching during terms 1 and 2. The submission deadline is at the start of term 3 just prior to the exams. In addition there are two milestones - a Project Plan must be submitted in mid-November, outlining the project aims and objectives and providing a work plan, and an Interim Report in late January that outlines what has been achieved so far and what it is planned to do during the remainder of the project. These documents are prepared with advice from the supervisor and must be approved by the supervisor to confirm the project is proceeding properly.

The project has a 30 credit value, and represents one quarter of the student's final year work.

Project Goals

A BSc project is expected to have a reasonable level of challenge and depth, and may include research-oriented goals as well as the practical application of Computer Science ideas and concepts.

Project Report

The final report documents the results of the project, and is expected to be a substantial and properly structured document. The project guidelines available on Moodle give detailed information about the required content.

Method of Instruction

Individual working with tutorial support from the project supervisor.


The course has the following assessment components:

  • The project report documenting the project results. (90%)
  • The How To Change the World Challenge mark from the end of year 2. (10%)

To pass this module, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 40% for all components combined.

It is expected that the project supervisor regularly reviews the project deliverables (e.g., source code) as they are developed and is given a demonstration of the final version.

The project mark depends on both the quality of the report and of the work done during the project. To obtain a satisfactory or better mark, both must be of comparable quality.


Books, papers, manuals, on-line material, etc. relevant to the project.

Reading list available via the UCL Library catalogue.