COMPM028 - Language Based Security

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CodeCOMPM028 (Also taught as: COMPGS10)
PrerequisitesAn understanding of the basics of programming and software engineering.
Taught ByDavid Clark (50%)

Jens Krinke(50%)

AimsThe aim of this module is to provide students with specialist knowledge and understanding to solve software related problems associated with the security of software systems.
Learning OutcomesSuccessful completion of this module will provide students with an understanding of the relationship between computer program design and security, how various security-related properties of computer programs are formulated and guaranteed, and in-depth knowledge of a variety of contexts in which understanding can be applied.


The course covers in depth major issues in computer security related to computer programming, in particular it provides a detailed treatment of theory and practice for:

  1. Vulnerabilities and faults
  2. Secure information flow
  3. Semantics based malwar