COMP3080 - Computer Graphics

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Code COMP3080 (Also taught as: COMPGV10)
Year 3
Prerequisites Successful completion of year 1 and 2 of the Computer Science programme
Term 1
Taught By Anthony Steed (100%)
Aims To introduce the fundamental concepts of 3D computer graphics and give the students all the knowledge needed for creating an image of a virtual world from first principles.
Learning Outcomes The students will be able to define a virtual world and create images of it. They will know how to write a basic ray tracer, and use a graphics library such as OpenGl (or equivalent).


The painter's method.

Creating an image using ray tracing
Ray casting using a simple camera.
Local illumination.
Global illumination with recursive ray tracing.

Specifying a general camera
World / image coordinates.
Creation of an arbitrary camera.
Ray tracing with an arbitrary camera.

Constructing a scene
Scene hierarchy.
Transformations of objects / rays.
Other modelling techniques.

Acceleration Techniques
Bounding volumes.
Space subdivision.

From ray tracing to projecting polygons
Graphics pipeline.
Transforming the polygons to image space.
Sutherland Hodgman clipping.
Weiler Atherton clipping.