COMPGA12 - Applied Cryptography

This database contains the 2016-17 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2015-16 session are available here.

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CodeCOMPGA12 (Also taught as COMPM064)
Taught ByNicolas Courtois (100%)

Understanding how cryptographic algorithms keys and protocols, and an appropriate hardware (software) environment can solve security problems (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity). Showing how security is achieved in real­life systems in areas of telecom, government/identity, buildings/transportation, payment. 
Real-life applications of encryption, Message Authentication Codes (MAC) and Digital Signatures in smart cards and terminals, personnal identity and crypto currency systems. RFID technology. 
Understanding attacks and vulnerabilities of current industrial standards. Cryptography in practice, side­channel attacks and countermeasures. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning how security problems are solved in the industry, and understanding why specific choices are made. 
Understanding security (attacks and defences) in complex real­life systems and the role of keys, cryptographic algorithms and protocols, tamper resistant hardware and other types of countermeasures. Study of entity authentication and data authentication, challenge-response. 
Understanding multiple ways to attack and defend in industrial systems. 
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