COMPGC20 - Computer Music

This database contains the 2016-17 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2015-16 session are available here.

Note: Whilst every effort is made to keep the syllabus and assessment records correct, the precise details must be checked with the lecturer(s).

PrerequisitesThe course has no formal prerequisites but involves programming in graphical and textual languages, and engagement with musical concepts. No prior knowledge of programming is assumed and the languages used are taught from first principles, however, those with no or very little  computing experience of any kind may find the learning curve quite steep! Thus some basic knowledge of programming in any language will be  helpful.  On the musical side, it will help if you have some basic knowledge of music but again, this can be learned from books and will be  briefly taught on the course if needed.  Reviewing this page <> may give some idea of the knowledge required.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact the lecturer <> to discus