MSc Financial Risk Management

...because good science starts by looking at the data.

Are you looking for a career in the risk world of financial services? Want to learn more about financial risk modelling? Consider the UCL MSc in Financial Risk Management. We have created a programme at one of the world's leading universities close to the twin financial centres of London.

Don't just get an MSc - get an MSc^2.

This new programme aims to create financial risk professionals who are trained simultaneously in:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computation

and draws on the combined resources of the UCL Departments of Mathematics, Statistical Science and Computer Science. Risk professionals need:

  • Mathematical skills to analyse the modern financial models.
  • Statistical skills to properly characterize real-world data.
  • Computer Science skills to run and analyse complex computer models.

Key dates for applicants in 2014

  • The closing date for applications will be Monday 30th June 2014
  • The programme starts on Monday 22 September 2014