Research Students

This database contains the 2017-18 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2016-17 session are available here.

Note: Whilst every effort is made to keep the syllabus and assessment records correct, the precise details must be checked with the lecturer(s).

Jiang Fan, MPhil 1988 ,"Investigation into Interconnecting the ISDN and Existing Packet Switched Networks and Experiments in the Context of the UK Interim ISDN - IDA"

Dervish Deniz, PhD 1991, "Dynamic Channel Management in Packet Mode usage of Circuit Switched ISDN"

James Kadirire, PhD 1995, "Dynamic Multicast Routing in the ATM Environment"

Paul Barker, PhD 1997. "Name Matching in an X.500 White Pages Directory"

George Pavlou, PhD 1998. "Architecture and technology of telecommunications management platforms"

Saleem Bhatti, PhD 1998. "QoS model to support adaptive applications"

Dave Lewis, PhD 1999. "A Framework for the Development of Service Management Systems for the Open Service Market"

Antonio Liotta, PhD 2001 "Towards Flexible and Scalable Distributed Monitoring with Mobile Agents"

Dimitrios Miras, PhD 2004 "On Quality Aware Adaptation of Internet Video"