Lecture Notes

This database contains the 2017-18 versions of syllabuses. Syllabuses from the 2016-17 session are available here.

Note: Whilst every effort is made to keep the syllabus and assessment records correct, the precise details must be checked with the lecturer(s).

Data Communications Module

These are the lecture slides and notes from a general introduction to data communications module last taught in 2009-2010.

Feel free to use them as you like but please acknowledge the source. You can download everything as a zip file or view the individual ones below:

  1. Channel Capacity
  2. Transmitting Informatiom
  3. Sharing Networks *
  4. Sharing the Medium
  5. Handling Errors
  6. Introduction to Queuing Theory
  7. Modelling and APIs
  8. Example technologies
  9. Local Interconnection
  10. Internet Architecture
  11. Internet Transport
  12. Internet Deployment
  13. Internet Deployment - Routing Supplement
  14. Application Architecture
  15. Application Examples
  16. QoS Issues

The "Sharing Networks" notes include some animations. To make these work, download the animations and unzip to a sub-directory calls "Animations".

Other Material

  1. There is a concise (24 page!) description of the Internet architecture which should be good background reading.
  2. And if you want to know what was really the origin of the Internet, OSI and all that layering stuff ...