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Revision Control Database for 3D Assets

Jozef DoboŇ°Anthony Steed
RN/12/02Dependence for Slicing State-based Models: A SurveyKelly Androutsopoulos
RN/12/03Evolving Human Competitive Spectra-Based Fault Localisation
Shin Yoo
RN/12/04Colocation and Latency OptimizationAyub Hanif
RN/12/05Finance: Communicating the IncommunicableAyub Hanif
RN/12/06How Users Bypass Access Control and Why: The Impact of Authorization Problems on Individuals and the OrganizationSteffen BartschM.Angela Sasse
RN/12/07Initial experiences of the Emerald:E-infrastructure South GPU SupercomputerW.B. Langdon
RN/12/08Putting Ubiquitous Crowd-sourcing into ContextAfra Mashhadi

Giovanni QuattroneLicia Capra

Genetically Improving 50000 Lines of C++

WB LangdonMark Harman
RN/12/10LOUP: The Principles and Practice of Intra-Domain Route DisseminationNikola GvozdievBrad KarpMark Handley
RN/12/11Correlation of Microarray Probes give Evidence for Mycoplasma Contamination in Human StudiesW.B. Langdon
RN/12/12From Corporate Bully to Security Cheerleader: Transforming the identity of the CISODebi AshendenM. Angela Sasse
RN/12/13Non-Invasive Autonomous and Amortised Adaptivity Code
Shin Yoo
RN/12/14A Performance Analysis of Distributed Indexing using TerrierAmaury CousteJakub Koz?owskiWilliam Martin
RN/12/15Dynamic Learning Gaussian Process BanditsDiogo Dubart Norinho
RN/12/16Automatic Correction of Topic CoherenceWilliam MartinJohn Shawe-Taylor