Research Notes 2011

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Characterization of Financial Time Series 

Martin Sewell

Ensemble Learning 

Martin Sewell

Fund Performance 

Martin Sewell

History of the Efficient Market Hypothesis 

Martin Sewell

Money Management 

Martin Sewell

The Fisher Kernel: A Brief Review 

Martin Sewell
RN/11/07Scalable Multi-Objective Test Suite Minimisation Using Graphics CardShin YooMark Harman Shmuel Ur
RN/11/08Individual and Organizational Perspectives on Data Use in Serious GamesMiguel MalheirosWill SeagerMartin RuskovM. Angela Sasse
RN/11/09FLINT: Fault Localisation using Information TheoryShin YooMark HarmanDavid Clark
RN/11/10Minimising Testing in Genetic ProgrammingW. B. Langdon

RN/11/11 - cover 

Priority Scheduling for Participatory Delay Tolerant NetworksAfra J. MashhadiLicia Capra
RN/11/12Search Based Optimization of Requirements Interaction ManagementYuanyuan ZhangMark HarmanSoo Ling Lim
RN/11/14More Mouldy Data: Virtual Infection of the Human GenomeW. B. LangdonM. J. Arno
RN/11/15Faster Fault Finding at Google using Multi Objective Regression Test OptimisationShin YooRobert NilssonMark Harman
RN/11/16Prioritizing Relevance Judgments to Improve the Construction of IR Test CollectionsMehdi HosseiniIngemar J.CoxTrevor SweetingNatasa Milic-FraylingVishwa Vinay
RN/11/17Generating Realistic Inputs Using Web ServicesMustafa BozkurtMark Harman
RN/11/18Non-Recursive Beam Search on GPU for Formal Concept AnalysisW. B. LangdonShin YooMark Harman



ArrayTrack: A Fine-Grained Indoor Location SystemJie Xiong

Kyle Jamieson


Tracking"Gross Community Happiness" from TweetsDaniele QuerciaJonathan EllisLicia Capra

Jon Crowcroft

RN/11/21Auralist: Introducing Serendipity into Music RecommendationYuan Cao Zhang

Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha

Daniele QuerciaTamas Jambor