Research Notes 2010

RN Number Title Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Author 4 Author 5 Author 6 
RN/10/01Assume-Guarantee Verification for Distributed Systems with Local SpecificationsAlessio LomuscioBen StruloNigel WalkerPeng Wu 
RN/10/02Cone of Silence: Adaptively Nulling Interferers in Wireless NetworksGeorgios NikolaidisAstrit ZhushiKyle JamiesonBrad Karp
RN/10/03Data Center Networking with Multipath TCPCostin RaiciuChristopher PluntkeSebastien BarreAdam GreenhalghDamon WischikMark Handley
RN/10/042-bit Flip Mutation Elementary Fitness LandscapesW. B. Langdon
RN/10/05 - cover 

Proactive Caching for Hybrid Urban Mobile Networks 

Afra Mashhadi Pan Hui 
RN/10/06 - coverFinancial Contagion Simulation through Modelling  Behavioural Characteristics of Market Participants and Capturing Cross-Market Linkages Antoaneta Serguieva Fang LiuParesh Date 
RN/10/07Survey of slicing finite state machine modelsKelly AndroutsopoulosDavid ClarkMark HarmanJens Krinke Laurence Tratt