Research Notes 2006

RN Number Title Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Author 4
RN/06/01 SCAR: Context-aware Adaptive Routing in Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks Cecilia Mascolo Mirco Musolesi    
RN/06/02 Evaluating Context Information Predictability for Autonomic Communication Mirco Musolesi Cecilia Mascolo    
 RN/06/03 Bounded model checking real-time multi-agent systems with clock differences: theory and implementation. Bozena Wozna Alessio Lomuscio    
RN/06/04 Censorship-Resistant Communication over Public Networks Michael Rogers    
RN/06/05 Unforgeable Acknowledgements for Unlinkable Communication Michael Rogers Saleem Bhatti    
RN/06/06 Tuning OLSR Yangcheng Huang Saleem Bhatti Daryl Parker  
RN/06/07 Coalition-based peering for flexible connectivitiy Manish Lad Saleem Bhatti Steve Hailes Peter Kirstein
RN/06/08 Adaptive Content-based Routing for Delay-tolerant Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Paolo Costa Mirco Musolesi Cecilia Mascolo Gian Pietro Picco
RN/06/09 Architectural Stability and Middleware: An Architecture-Centric Evolution Perspective Rami Bahsoon   Wolfgang Emmerich    
RN/06/10 Architectural Stability Rami Bahsoon   Wolfgang Emmerich    
RN/06/11 Novel Applications for Information Technology in Risk Assessment for Children's Social Care in the UK

Rae Harbird

RN/06/12 Valuing Scalability in Distributed Architectures Rami Bahsoon Wolfgang Emmerich  
RN/06/13 Impact Analysis of Relational Schema Changes on Native Language Queries Andy Maule Wolfgang Emmerich David S. Rosenblum  
RN/06/14 Exploit Hijacking: Side Effects of Smart Defenses Costin Raiciu Mark Handley David S. Rosenblum  
RN/06/15 PNORMS: Platonic solid derived Normals for error bound compression João Fradinho Oliveira Bernard Francis Buxton    
RN/06/16 A Statistical Approach on End-to-end Proactive Routing Performance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Yang Cheng Huang Saleem Bhatti Soren-Aksel Sorensen  
RN/06/17 complete and decidable axiomatisation for deontic interpreted systems Bozena Wozna Alessio Lomuscio  
RN/06/18 Automatic Verification of Knowledge and Time with NuSMV Alessio Lomuscio Charles Pecheur Franco Raimondi  
RN/06/19   David Corney    
RN/06/20 Coherent radiance capture of scenes under changing illumination conditions for relighting applications Katrien Jacobs Anders Hjorth Nielsen Jeppe Vesterbaek Celine Loscos
RN/06/21 A lightweight mechanism for dependable communication in untrusted networks Michael Rogers Saleem Bhatti    
RN/06/22 Design and Analysis for TCP-Friendly Window-based Congestion Control Soo-Hyun Choi