Research Notes 2004

RN Number Title Author 1 Author 2 Author 3
RN/04/01 Implicit, View Invariant, Linear Flexible Shape Modelling Bernard F. Buxton M. Benjamin Dias
RN/04/02 Statistical Personal Tracker Song Hu Bernard F. Buxton
RN/04/03 A Function Representation for Learning in Banach Spaces C A Micchelli M Pontil
RN/04/04 Regularised Multi-Task Learning T Evegniou M Pontil
RN/04/05 Engineering Human Trust in Mobile System Collaborations Licia Capra  
RN/04/06 A Sharp Threshold Result for Finite-VC Classes of Large-Margin Functions Joel Ratsaby  
RN/04/07 LinkBase Visualization Giulio Carlone Anthony Finkelstein
RN/04/08 Examining Young Learners' Activity Within Interactive Virtual Environments: Exploratory Studies Maria Roussou  
RN/04/09 Requirements Analysis on Cultural Hetitage/Education and Urban/Architectural Planning & Design Case Studies (D2.1) Hila Ritter Widenfeld Edited by: CREATE Consotium Partners (UCL, FHW, INRIA, CSTB, UCYm REALVIZ, PERCRO
RN/04/10 Kernels for multi-task learning C.A. Micchelli M Pontil
RN/04/11 Learning the kernel via regularization C.A. Micchelli M Pontil
RN/04/12 Decentralized Resilient Grid Resource Management Overlay Networks Yangcheng Huang Saleem N. Bhatti
RN/04/13 Lindenmayer Systems Fractals Evolved by Pfeiffer 10 September -- 9 November 2003 W Langdon
RN/04/14 Scalable Signaling Underlay for Overlay Networks Yangcheng Huang Saleem N. Bhatti  
RN/04/15 Engineering an SLA Checker Using MDA Technologies Wolfgang Emmerich James Skene
RN/04/16 Using Architectural Perspectives Wolfgang Emmerich Eoin Woods Nick Rozanski
RN/04/17 Matthew W B Trotter Bernard Buxton
RN/04/18 Q-CAD: QoS and Context Aware Discovery Framework for Adaptive Mobile Systems Licia Capra Stefanos Zachariadis Cecilia Mascolo
RN/04/19 The Mechanics of Trust: A Framework for Research and Design Riegelsberger, J. Sasse, M. A. McCarthy, J.
RN/04/20 Learning multiple tasks with kernel methods T. Evgeniou C.A. Micchelli,   M. Pontil
RN/04/21 Using Real Options to Select Stable Middleware-Induced Software Architectures Rami Bahsoon Wolfgang Emmerich Jonathan Macke
RN/04/22 Prediction of Context Information Using Kalman Filter Theory Mirco Musolesi Stephen Hailes Cecilia Mascolo
RN/04/23 Adaptive Routing for Intermittently _Connected_ Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mirco Musolesi Stephen Hailes Cecilia Mascolo
RN/04/24 Incentives For Community-Oriented Distributed Connectivity Manish Lad Saleem N. Bhatti Peter Kirstein
RN/04/25 Thoughts on a New Namespace Randall Atkinson fileadmin/UCL-CS/research/Research_Notes/Archive/rn_04_25.pdf fileadmin/UCL-CS/research/Research_Notes/Archive/rn_04_25.pdf
RN/04/26 A Coordination Model for Sentient Computing Licia Capra Wolfgang Emmerich C. Mascolo
RN/04/27 Reasoning about Trust Groups to Coordinate Mobile Ad-Hoc Systems Licia Capra fileadmin/UCL-CS/research/Research_Notes/Archive/rn_04_27.pdf fileadmin/UCL-CS/research/Research_Notes/Archive/rn_04_27.pdf
RN/04/28 Flexibility in COTS Middleware-Induced Architectures: Beauty, Cosmetic Surgery, and the Beast Rami Bahsoon Wolfgang Emmerich