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Please be aware that as of 2016, all Research Notes should be uploaded directly to the UCL Research Publications Service (RPS) database.


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5
RN/19/01Faster Genetic Programming GPquick via multicore and Advanced Vector Extensions"W.B. Langdon
RN/19/02The State and Future of Genetic ImprovementW.B LangdonWestley Weimer Christopher Timperley Oliver  Krauss et al.


Please be aware that as of 2016, all Research Notes should be uploaded directly to the UCL Research Publications Service (RPS) database.


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5
RN/18/01Security Kairos: The Art and Science of Raising Awareness and Offering Consumer Advice at Point-of-Sale"Simon ParkinM. Angela SasseLynne Coventry


W.B. LangdonR. Lorenz
RN/18/03A Substructural Epistemic Resource Logic (Extended version)Didier GalmichePierre KimmelDavid Pym
RN/18/04Towards automatic generation and insertion of OpenACC directivesBobby R. BruceJustyna Petke
RN/18/05Evolving Square Root into Binary LogarithmW.B. Langdon
RN/18/06Genetic Improvement GISMOE Blue Software Tool Demo W.B. Langdon
RN/18/07Human-Competitive Awards 2018W.B. Langdon


Please be aware that as of 2016, all Research Notes should be uploaded directly to the UCL Research Publications Service (RPS) database.

RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5Author 6
RN/17/01Approximate Oracles and Synergy in Software Energy Search SpacesBobby R BruceJustyna PetkeMark HarmanEarl T Barr

[temporarily not available]

Nicolas E GoldDavid BinkleyMark HarmanSyed IslamJens KrinkeShin Yoo

No Good Reason to Remove Features: Expert Users Value Useful Apps over Secure Ones

Steve Dodier-LazaroIngolf BeckerJens KrinkeAngela Sasse
RN/17/04[temporarily not available]Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul Jens KrinkeDavid Clark

Long-Term Evolution in Genetic Programming

William B. Langdon
RN/17/06A Stone-type duality theorem for Separation Logic via its underlying bunched logicsSimon DochertyDavid Pym

Deep Parameter Optimisation for Face Detection Using the Viola-Jones Algorithm in OpenCV : A Correction

Bobby R. Bruce


Evolving better RNAfold C source code W. B. Langdon



Feature Adjustment in Kernel Space when using Cross-Validation

Anil RaoJanaina Mourao-Miranda
RN/17/10Awareness and Experience of Developers to Outdated and License-Violating Code on Stack Overflow: An Online SurveyChaiyong RagkhitwetsagulJens KrinkeRocco Oliveto


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5Author 6
RN/16/01Optimising Quantisation Noise In Energy MeasurementW. B. LangdonJustyna PetkeBobby R. Bruce


RN/16/02A Survey of App Store Analysis for Software EngineeringWilliam MartinFederica SarroYue JiaYuanyuan ZhangMark Harman

Intuitionistic Layered Graph Logic. 

Simon DochertyDavid Pym
RN/16/04The Genetic Improvement Fitness LandscapeWilliam B. Langdon
RN/16/05Fitness Landscape of the Triangle ProgramWilliam B. LangdonMark Harman

PREM: Prestige Network Enhanced Developer-Task Matching for Crowdsourced Software Development

Ke MaoQing WangYue JiaMark Harman
RN/16/07An Empirical Study of Cohesion and Coupling: Balancing Optimisation and DisruptionMatheus PaixaoMark HarmanYuanyuan ZhangYijun Yu

A Substructural Epistemic Resource Logic (Extended Version)

Didier Galmiche Pierre Kimmel David Pym

ThruMapper: Through-Wall Building Tomography with a Single Mapping Robot

Bo TanKevin ChettyKyle Jamieson
RN/16/10Benchmarking BarraCUDA on Epigenetic DNA and nVidia Pascal GPUsWilliam B. Langdon


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5Author 6
RN/15/01A Survey of the Use of Crowdsourcing in Software EngineeringKe MaoLicia CapraMark Harman 

Yue Jia

RN/15/02Improving the Module Clustering of a C/C++ Editor using a Multi-objective Genetic AlgorithmMatheus PaixaoMark HarmanYuanyuan Zhang
RN/15/03Genetically Improved BarraCUDAW B LangdonBrian Yee Hong Lam
RN/15/04Completeness via canonicity for distributive substructural logics: a coalgebraic perspectiveFredrik DahlqvistDavid Pym
RN/15/05Hennessy-Milner Completeness in Transition Systems with Synchronous Concurrent Composition
Gabrielle AndersonJames BrotherstonDavid Pym
RN/15/06Substructural modal logic for optimal resource allocation
Gabrielle AndersonDavid Pym
RN/15/07Causal Impact Analysis Applied to App Releases in Google Play and Windows Phone StoreWilliam MartinFederica SarroMark Harman


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5Author 6

Pareto Efficient Multi-Objective Regression Test Suite Prioritisation


Michael G. EpitropakisShin YooMark HarmanEdmund K. Burke
RN/14/02Genetically Improved CUDA kernels for StereoCameraW. B.LangdonMark Harman
RN/14/03Faster Temporal Reasoning for Infinite-State ProgramsByron CookHeidy KhlaafNir Piterman<
RN/14/04ArrayPhaser: Enabling Signal Processing on WiFi Access PointsJon GjengsetGraeme McPhillipsKyle Jamieson
RN/14/05The Plastic Surgery HypothesisEarl BarrYuriy BrunPrem DevanbuMark HarmanFederica Sarro
RN/14/06Bi-Intuitionistic Boolean Bunched LogicJames BrotherstonJules Villard
RN/14/07An Empirical Study of Meta - and Hyper-Heuristic Search for Multi-Objective Release PlanningYuanyuan ZhangMark HarmanGabriela OchoaGuenther RuheSjaak Brinkkemper
RN/14/08Mining Mobile Phone Data to Evaluate Urban Crime Theories at ScaleMartin TraunmuellerGiovanni QuattroneLicia Capra
RN/14/09Seeing is Slicing: Observation Based Slicing of Picture Description LanguagesShin YooDavid BinkleyRoger Eastman
RN/14/10App Store Analysis: Mining App Stores for Relationships between Customer, Business and Technical CharacteristicsAnthony FinkelsteinMark HarmanYue JiaWilliam MartinFederica SarroYuanyuan Zhang
RN/14/11Fairness for Infinite-State SystemsByron CookHeidy KhlaafNir Piterman
RN/14/12Life and Death in the App Store: Theory and Analysis of Feature MigrationFederico SarroYue JiaMark HarmanWilliam MartinYuanyuan Zhang
RN/14/13Computational Intelligence and TestingW. B. Langdon

No Pot of Gold at the End ofProgram Spectrum Rainbow: Greatest Risk Evaluation Formula Does Not Exist

Shin YooMark HarmanFei-Ching KuoTsong Yueh ChenXiaoyuan Xie
RN/14/15Sustainability in Information Stewardship: Time Preferences, Externalities, and Social Co-ordinationC. IoannidisD. PymJ. Williams
RN/14/16Resilience in Information StewardshipChristos IoannidisDavid PymJulian WilliamsIffat Gheyas
RN/14/17Wi-Fi Goes to Town: Seamless Internet Connectivity in Metropolitan Underground TransportKyle Jamieson


RN NumberTitleAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Author 4Author 5Author 6
RN/13/01First International Workshop on Interference and DependenceKelly Androutsopoulos
RN/13/02tbcBrad Karp
RN/13/03Which is faster: Bowtie2GP > Bowtie > Bowtie2 > BWAW.B. Langdon
RN/13/04Cost-cognisant Test Suite Reduction for Service-centric SystemsMustafa Bozkurt
RN/13/05Being There TogetherMel SlaterAnthony SteedMartin Usoh
RN/13/06Theoretical Analysis of GP-Evolved Risk Evaluation Formulas for Spectrum Based Fault LocalisationShin Yoo
RN/13/07Gaussian-jittered sampling for bias-variance trade-off in stochastic integrationKartic SubrJan Kautz
RN/13/08The QRSim quadrotors simulatorRenzo de Nardi
RN/13/09Efficiently Vectorized Code for Population Based Optimization AlgorithmsOliver RiceRickard Nyman
RN/13/10Mycoplasma Contamination in The 1000 Genomes ProjectW. B. Langdon
RN/13/11Parametric Completeness for Separation TheoriesJames BrotherstonJules Villard
RN/13/12Using Genetic Programming to Model SoftwareW. B. LangdonMark Harman
RN/13/13Observation-Based SlicingDavid BinkleyNicolas GoldMark HarmanJens KrinkeShin Yoo
RN/13/14Cyclic Abduction of Inductively Defined Safety and Termination PreconditionsJames BrotherstonNikos Gorogiannis
RN/13/15A Decision Procedure for Satisfiability in Separation Logic with Inductive PredicatesJames BrotherstonCarsten FuhsNikos GorogiannisJuan Navarro Perez
RN/13/16Customer-centric Optimal Software Release Problem in CloudMustafa BozkurtYuanyuan Zhang
RN/13/17Learning Combinatorial Interaction Testing Strategies using Hyperheuristic SearchYue JiaMyra B. CohenMark HarmanJustyna Petke
RN/13/18An Analysis of the relationship between Information Squeeziness and Failed Error Propagation in Software TestingKelly AndroutsopoulosDavid ClarkHaitao DanRob Hierons
RN/13/19FASTER: Fine and Accurate Synchronization for Large Distributed MIMO Wireless NetworksKonstantinos NikitopoulosKyle Jamieson
RN/13/20Geosphere: Consistently Turning MIMO Capacity into ThroughputKonstantinos NikitopoulosJuan ZhouBen CongdonKyle Jamieson
RN/13/21Mining App Stores: Extracting Technical, Business and Customer Rating Information for Analysis and PredictionAnthony FinkelsteinMark HarmanYue JiaFederica SarroYuanyuan Zhang
RN/13/22Correctness of Slicing Finite State MachinesTorben AmtoftKelly AndroutsopoulosDavid Clark
RN/13/23Proving non-termination via safetyHong-Yi ChenByron CookCarsten FuhsKaustubh NimkarPeter O'Hearn