PhD Programme

Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy
Intended for:Computer Science Masters Graduates
Duration:3 years full-time, 5 years part-time
Full/Part Time: Both options are available

30 to 40 per year
Infomation for current students:

Why choose this course?

Imagine being at the forefront of innovation, helping to move technology forward into the future that you envision, becoming a part of history and changing the world.

Become one of the leaders within technology like Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer. Ada helped revolutionise computers by writing the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine in 1842. The word ‘Algorithm’ dates back to the 1200’s where it was the technique of performing arithmetic with Hindu/Arabic numerals, developed by al-Khwarizmi. Within years of Ada writing the algorithm George Boole expanded on this concept and formalised the Boolean algebra, the basis for digital logic and computer science in 1847 – 1854. Susan Nycum co-authored the classic book Computer Abuse, which was one of the first studies to define and document computer related crime in 1973. Dr Anita Borgbelieved that technology affects all aspects of our economic, political, social and personal lives. A technology rebel with a cause, in her life she fought tirelessly to ensure that technology’s impact would be a positive one. It was this vision that inspired Anita in 1997 to found the Institute for Women and Technology.’ In 2001 UCL’s Dr Susan Black founded the BCSWomen and has won the following prestigious awards: John Ivinson Award and the PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Award. Susan is constantly pushing the boundaries of computing and inspiring women to move and look forward in computing.

If you want a to follow a research degree programme that will not only challenge and stimulate you but has the potential to lead to an interesting career and valuable contact with academia and industry, then UCL Computer Science could not be a better place to start.

The Department of Computer Science has built a reputation as one of the major university centres for applied Computer Science research in Europe.  Because we have some of the top UK research groups in many fields, you will be supervised by academics at the very forefront of computer science. Our research is in nine major areas, in each of which we have international recognition:

All the groups receive substantial funding from various sources, notably the EPSRC, the European Union, Industry, other UK sources, US government and charities. In addition we have received several large facilities grants for our immersive virtual environment, body scanner and GRID infrastructure. The department is also fortunate in the donations it receives, often in the form of equipment.

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