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Undergraduates shine at Google Hash Code

Google Hash Code is the largest algorithmic competition of Google, in which teams of students and professionals compete to solve a real algorithmic problem that Google encounters! 

This year the UCL team composed of Andrei Margeloiu, Wojciech Golaszewski and Cosmin Vladianu has ranked 1st from the UK universities and 36th globally. Next, they were invited to compete in the Final Round taking place at Google Paris on the 1st of April.


The task was to optimize how Youtube videos are spread across different cache servers in order to make the video access as quickly as possible. They had to take into account different latencies to cache servers, the video size, the cache capacities and the different connections that the endpoints had with the cache servers and the central database. As a fun fact, their solution was just 0.20% slower than the fastest one!

Posted 28 Feb 17 12:27
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