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Andrea Bittau memorial scholarship

Andrea Bittau, our PhD graduate, died far too young in a motorcycle crash a little over a week ago. (Brief tribute at

To honor and remember Andrea’s life, and his talent and passion for computer systems research, Mark Handley and Brad Karp are establishing the Andrea Bittau Memorial Scholarship, which will support a PhD student at UCL Computer Science.

If you would like to contribute to this memorial to Andrea, you may do so at:

(Note that UCL can claim Gift Aid from the UK Government on UK taxpayers’ donations, and increase all such donations by 25% at no cost to the donor. US taxpayers should click on the American flag on the page, which will route donations through UCL’s US-based charity, and makes such donations eligible for US income tax relief. Finally, UCL will charge zero overhead on funds it receives for this scholarship in Andrea’s name—donations go in their entirety to the scholarship itself.)

Our thanks for all help in building this lasting memorial to Andrea.

Brad Karp, Professor of Computer Systems and Networks and Mark Handley, Professor of Networked Systems.

Posted 08 Mar 17 10:39
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