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ACM Fellowships awarded to two UCL-Computer Science professors

Photo of the recipients

Stephen Robertson (L) and Ingemar Cox

We are delighted to announce that two UCL Computer Science colleagues have been appointed to prestigious ACM Fellowships this year:

  • Ingemar Cox, Professor of Telecommunications, for contributions to computer vision, image retrieval, and digital watermarking; and
  • Stephen Robertson, Visiting Professor, for contributions to the theory and practice of information retrieval.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, to advance computing as a science and a profession.

ACM recognises its members for their contributions to computing that are driving innovations across multiple domains and disciplines.  The 2013 ACM Fellows,  from the world’s leading universities, corporations, and research labs, have achieved advances in computing research and development that are accelerating the digital revolution and impacting every dimension of how we live, work, and play… worldwide. 

ACM President Vinton G. Cerf celebrated the impact of innovations achieved by this year’s ACM Fellows. “We recognize these scientists and engineers, creators and builders, theorists and practitioners who are making a difference in our lives,” he said.  “They’re enabling us to listen, learn, calculate, and communicate in ways that underscore the benefits of the digital age.  Their advances have led to opportunities for improved healthcare, enhanced security, expanded interactions, and enriched lifestyles.  Some recipients have also led efforts to extend computing across continents and countries including Brazil, China, and Germany.

ACM will formally recognize the 2013 Fellows at its annual Awards Banquet in June 2014, in San Francisco. Additional information about the ACM 2013 Fellows, as well as previous ACM Fellows and award winners is available on the ACM Awards site.

Posted 20 Dec 13 11:00