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Students present Proof of Concepts to industry leaders and tech experts

UCL Computer Science opened its doors to industry and the public for a showcase of "Proof of Concepts" technologies in a live demos, presentation and Q&A event on Wednesday 30 April.

As part of a UCL Engineering programme of Industry Exchange project activities, 2nd Year Undergraduates have been working on innovative solutions to practical problems over two terms. This culminated in this showcase event, which also included collaborative partners in UCL Electrical Engineering and UCL Management Science and Innovation. The categories of the projects include Big Data, Healthcare Technologies, Internet of Things, Wearables, Graphics and Devices Integration.

A panel of over 30 organisations and companies attended and reviewed projects - including Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm, Nokia, ATOS and many others. The panel marked students on how their "Innovation Products" stood up to industry scrutiny, and students had the chance to network with industry guests.

Posted 08 May 14 13:50