Students & Industry

Our students enjoy numerous relationships with industry partners and work joint projects, compete to win industry prizes and awards and attend guest lectures, technology demos and presentations. These relationships prepare our students for the wider technology world and can be gateway to an interesting and diverse future career. Companies and individuals wishing to work more closely with our students and get involved in these activities can contact us via

Latest Student News

Meet UCL's Haskelly Team

UCL Computer Science Undergraduates Janos PoteckMarco Concetto Rudilosso and Marti Serra Vivancos have formed a Haskelly Team and are working on a Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Azure Cloud project, to build a Visual Studio Code extension which supports the teaching and learning of Haskell. The team are developing an Azure hosted toolset entitled SEAT (Scaffolding Exercise Automation Toolkit) which provides a valuable teaching assistant to the Academics and TA in the evaluation of the Haskell learning from students. Students simply submit assignments and resources to the code validation en... [more]

UCLU TechSoc hosts Porticode

On the 10–11th December, UCLU Tech Soc held its very own Hackathon called Porticode. The workshops and beginner focus meant that UCL welcomed 65% first-time hacker! A total of 120 attendees, 5 winners, 24 hours?—?the hacks that were produced were incredible. Emily Mears, Tech Soc Vice President, has blogged about Porticode – see below:

"It’s 5am on Sunday morning in the South Cloisters, and I’ve just finished my first can of Monster. In front of me 20 or so students sit at tables, their faces lit by the screens in front of them, with discarded wrappers and water bottles acting as the only proo... [more]

UCL's Data Science Hackathon is the first of its kind in the UK

UCLU TechSoc and UCL Computer Science have hosted the UCL Data Science Student Challenge, powered by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. The UCL DSSC is the fourth of its kind in the global series of hackathons, previously been held at Columbia University in New York, ENSAE in Paris, the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Through these events, Microsoft aim to ignite a passion for data science, machine learning, analytics and to help students learn and develop valuable technical skills.

Rohan Kopparapu and Kok-Pin Chi, both students at UCL Computer Science, led a dream team of 18 TechSoc ... [more]

Industry Exchange Network

The Industry Exchange Network (IXN) enables students to engage on real-world problem based learning through term-based client projects. The UCL IXN is a pipeline matching industry projects of different levels with students ranging from BSc 1st year students working on Apps Design through to MSc level students working on more advanced Data Science projects. The client projects are driven by charitable works, healthcare sectors, research-steered development, SME/entrepreneurship development, larger scale commercial projects and (6) public sector/policy driven projects.

Industry partner clients suggest projects capable of running strictly to term-times. Each project has a named technical mentor from the company, and a supervisor allocated from UCL. The IXN projects are formally assessed on a UCL module, and the UCL supervisor will lead in the final academic marking of the project. PhD student teaching assistants are also involved in support of the lab time of the in-term projects. Our projects run in the following cycles:

  • MSc summer dissertations need to have requirements by January for start in May.
  • MSc small mobile apps need to have requirements by August for start in October.
  • BSc small mobile and web apps need to have requirements by October for start in January.
  • BSc 2nd Year proof of concepts need to have requirements by May to run October to April (group projects).
  • BSc Final Year dissertations need to have requirements by May for start in October.

The IXN website with more details is here

A playlist of projects presented art last year's Apps Showcase event is below.

UCLU TechSoc

UCLU TechSoc is the only all-encompassing technology society at UCL. Our membership is open to anyone and everyone in the UCL and IoE community. We help bridge the gap between students’ ambitions and potential careers; connecting them to those in the industry and to each other, with talks from across a range of industries, alongside career and alumni events. Our society is also a platform for the development of technical skills; engaging those new to technology and encouraging those that love it, from the project groups to tutorials.

Check out our video below and join us on LinkedIn.


UCL FIndS (Financial Industry Series) is a student-run forum that organises high-class conferences, debates and talks on financial topics. Founded in December 2010 with the purpose of providing students and professionals alike with the opportunity to look into the latest topics within the financial industry, members not only develop a comprehensive understanding of the field but also benefit from unique networking opportunities.

In the past, our events have met great demand from students at UCL and other top UK universities as well as from professionals within the industry. To make our events accessible to as many students as possible and to maintain the high standard that we strive towards, we count on the support of our partners including leading financial organisations in The City. See more in the video below.


Industry Sponsored Prizes & Awards

We are grateful to the following sponsors for their ongoing support.


BSc & MEng Computer Science Best Individual Project Prize

  • 2015 1st Prize Kinga Mrugala
  • 2015 2nd Prize Vera Johne
  • 2015 3rd Prize Kelvin Khoo & Gemma Bartlett


BSc & MEng Computer Science Best Performance in Practical Subjects Prize

  • 2016 1st Prize Sadir Hadi


MSc Business Analytics Prize

*Coming Soon*


MSc Software Systems Engineering 'Best Examination Performace' Prize

  • 2016 1st Prize Thomas Mulvaney