New CS Labs for state-of-the-art teaching

Photo of a lecture in one of the new labs
A lecture in one of the new labs

With the growth of teaching in mobile technology UCL-CS has invested in new, state-of-the-art facilities for students. Two new labs and one virtual lab were designed by the department's Technical Support Group which supports all existing infrastructure and teaching.

Apps Lab 4.06 is the department's first multi-apps platform studio laboratory. It has been equipped with touch screens and local device connectivity supporting iOS, Android and Windows technologies.

Meanwhile 3D Lab 1.05 is a new multi-screen lab teaching environment with multi-3D facilities; 3D printing connectivity (coming soon), stereo 3D graphics programming and 3D interaction via Kinects. The lab is also enabled for guest speakers or teaching assistants to communicate to a class over HD Skype.

In addition CS has the 300-user cluster "virtual lab" is for OS independence, where students can log in and use a remote machine with a choice of Operating Systems. CS can now boast a variety of device resources over 50 tablets (different types), phones, Raspberry Pis, Gadgeteer boards, Arduinos, Kinects and other devices all can be used for teaching hands-on problem based learning projects.