As before, when adding images to a "Text & Images" content element you can either:

  1. Add an image that you have previously stored in the filelist ("Add Image") or
  2. Upload a brand new image directly ("Select & upload files" or drag and drop).

The second method is not much changed except that you can now use drag and drop (see previous page) and can add metadata. (see below).

The first method now behaves differently. Previously, when a file from the filelist was added to a page, TYPO3 would make a copy. If the original image in the filelist was updated this copy would not be affected. With TYPO3 6.2, updating an image in the filelist will affect all the pages on which it is displayed. Note that this includes the metadata: so if an image caption is changed it will be changed on all the pages on which the image appears.

Fig 3. Shows a set of images in a content element with the third opened for editing the metadata. Text in the "Description" box will appear as a caption. Text in the "Alternative text" will be read by screen readers for the visually handicapped.

Screenshot of image meta informationFig. 3. Image meta information