TYPO3 version 4.5 has an updated user interface. Most things work pretty much as before but you may need to search around a bit to find what you need. This note gives some hints on where to look.

The main edit page

The screen that appears when click on a page to edit has altered. The main change is that the boxes that were present have been deleted and replaced with icons. The figure below shows the correspondences.

Screen-shot of mappingFig 1. Correspondence between boxes and icons

Editing content elements

The box  is no longer used. Instead, to start editing content, click the icon which appears when you point at at a content element.

In the past there were separate screens for editing text and editing page content. Now both are shown on one screen. The figure below shows this for a text and images content element. Use the Images and Appearance tabs to select images and position them. The Appearance tab is also used to place dividers before or after a content element - use the menu headed Indentation and Frames.

Scree-shot of content editing screenFig2. The content editing screen

Editing page properties

The page properties screen has been re-arranged:

  • Hiding the page and hiding in in menus is in the Access tab;
  • Selecting the page layout is in the Appearance tab.