TYPO3 Exercise 1 - Using the "Rich Text Editor"

The TYPO3 "Rich Text Editor" (RTE) gives you a word-processor-like editor enabling you to edit and style text.

During the course of the exercise you will change the content of a sample page. You must save your changes regularly - if you navigate away from the RTE without saving then any changes you have made will be lost.

You can save your work at any point by clicking the icons that appear at the top of the RTE screen. Clicking on:

will save your changes;

will save your changes and launch a view of the page in a new window as it will appear to an ordinary web user;

will save your changes and leave the editor.

Begin the exercise by switching to your editing window and clicking on the on the words "Sample page 1"  which will open that page for editing (N.B. click the words, not the icon to the left of the words as clicking the icon does something different!).

You should then see a screen like the one below. This shows a single TYPO3 content element - content elements contain the text and images that will appear in your web pages.

Now click on the symbol above the content element in order edit it. (Strangely, the symbols only appear when you point at them!) Exercise 1 consists of editing this content element. It should be self explanatory.

Once you have finished it please move on to Exercise 2.

Screenshot showing how to launch the text editor