Welcome to the TYPO3 training exercises.

With TYPO3 you use your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) both to view pages and to edit them. In order to do these training exercises you will need to keep at least two browser windows open; one to read the instructions the other to perform the edits. Sometimes you will need a third window to view the results.

Note: Most people find it easier to use tabs rather than separate browser windows. Ask for help if you don't know how to set your browser up to use tabs.

Note: Sometimes TYPO3 pops up additional windows or tabs. Some browsers prevent this by default. You will need to enable pop-ups for Ask if you do not know how to set you browser up to allow this.

There is a brief PowerPoint introduction to TYPO3 here.

Clicking the link below will open a second browser window (the "editing window") which will display the TYPO3 login dialogue. You should then login using the username and password that has been issued to you. Once you have logged in please return to this browser window (the "instruction window") so you know what to do next.

Start a new browser window and login to TYPO3>>>

You should see something like this in the editing window:

This shows the TYPO3 "tree view" of a small portion of the CS website.

You are now ready to begin Exercise 1.