Record Change History

Each time you edit a page and save it TYPO3 records the changes you have made. This is not limitless - currently the last 200 changes are recorded for each page. You can see a list of all these changes and, if necessary, undo the most recent changes.

Viewing the history

In page view select the page you are interested in. Now click on the  icon. You will see something like this:

(Note the SETTINGS. These have been selected so as to show the maximum information.)

Reading from the bottom the history shows:

  • The creation of the page 33 minutes ago. In the Table: uid column you can see it has a uid number 1286 and a title "Demonstration Page".
  • The creation of two content elements 21 and 20 minutes ago: uid 1780, title "Animals I like"; uid 1781, title "The turtle".
  • The addition of text to these content elements 17 and 10 minutes ago. The added text is shown in green in the Differences column.
  • The addition of an image to content element 1781 5 minutes ago (it is a Text with Image content element).
  • A correction made to content element 1780 0 minutes ago. The word "tortoise" (in red) was deleted. The word "turtle" (in green) was added.

Rolling back changes

The Rollback (Preview) icons to the left of entries initiate rollback of changes. See the next page for details.