Screen-shot of image selection formFig. 1 Images form
Screen-shot of image appearance formFig. 2 Images appearance form

As you might expect from its name, the Text and Images content element comprises a block of text and one or more images. It offers various ways of placing the images and wrapping the text around them.

Adding the text is exactly as for the Regular Text Element and uses the Rich Text Editor. You will not see the image while you edit the text, only when you view the page. To add an image you need to edit the properties of the content element. Start by clicking the icon next to the content element.

Now select the Images tab to produce the image selection form (see Fig 1).

Using this form you can do various things:

  1. Click the  icon in order to select an image you have already uploaded and stored as a TYPO3 file (see "Files and TYPO3" for details of this). Note that you can include multiple images;
  2. Click Browse ... to select an image file stored on your PC;
  3. Provide a Link for each image;
  4. Set the Alternative Label for each image(which, of course, you should always provide for enhanced accessibility);
  5. Provide a Caption for each image.
  6. Set the position of the image(s) with respect to the text. To do this use the Appearance tab and select one of the arrangements (Fig. 2)

You can insert multiple images - simply select as many as you want displayed. Each image can have its own caption. List the captions in the same order as the images, one on each line.

Don't forget to click the  icon to save the changes you have made.