Rolling back

Each entry in the record history list (see previous page) has a Rollback (Preview) icon to its left. Clicking this icon allows you to undo the corresponding change - together with all more recent ones. In the example below the icon next to the fourth most recent change has been clicked - the change which added the text "This page lists the animals I like". (Note that the timings have all changed from those shown previously - time has moved on!).

Clicking the various  icons initiate rollbacks.

  • The most general rollback (labeled 1) will undo all the changes shown. Thus the text will disappear from both content elements (11112 and 11113) and the image will disappear from content element 11113.
  • The next most general rollback undoes the changes to an individual content element. For example the one labeled 2 will make the text and image disappear from content element 11113.
  • Finally, the least general rollbacks undo individual edits within a content element. Thus 3 will remove the text "This is a turtle" and 4 with remove the image.

TYPO3 rollback is a powerful feature but it is not simple! You may find it helpful to practice on a dummy page before launching in to anything too destructive.

Note that changes that are rolled back do not disappear from the history. All that happens is that the rollback is itself added to the history - which means that the rollback can itself be rolled back!