The Rich Text Editor

Screen shot of content editor

Saving your work

Icons at the top of the editing screen relate to saving your work and quitting the editor:

Save the current version and continue editing (see below);

Save the current version and view a final version of the complete page;

Save the current version and quite the editor;

Save the current version and begin work on a new content element;

Quit the editor with out saving any changes.

The Editing Screen

The editing screen (see right) has a number of tabs. For now we just need the General tab which allows an optional header to be given to the content element and the main text of the element to be edited. (It also allows the Type of the content element to be changed but we will ignore this for now.)

The editor includes many of the features you would expect to find in a word-processor. The illustration shows the icons at the top of the Rich Text Editor screen. Most of these will be familiar from other editors; further, you will get a hint when you point at an icon. The next three pages give a little more information on; inserting images, managing links and selecting styles.

HTML Restrictions

TYPO3 takes a view on what is and is not a reasonable way to construct the HTML code which underlies web pages. It enforces this by removing things it doesn't like. If you stick to normal run-of-the-mill formatting you should not encounter any problems, however.


The TYPO3 Rich Text Editor includes a trap for the unwary!

When you quit most editor programs they warn you if you have not saved your latest changes. The TYPO3 Rich Text Editor does not do this! This means, for example, that if you browse to another location from the editor window you will lose any unsaved changes.

Therefore - be very careful to save changes regularly by clicking the  icon at the top of the page.

[Note that there is no problem with switching to another application, a new browser window or a new tab. You just have to remember not to overwrite the window you are using for editing.]