As you use TYPO3 you will create new pages and modify old ones. Sometimes the changes will be complex, perhaps affecting several pages. It is useful to be able to make your changes "in private", check, possibly with others, that they are correct and then release them to the world.

TYPO3 can help with this is several ways:

  • It records all the changes you make and allows you to undo them (tracking and rollback). These are described in the next sections.
  • It allows you to disable (hide) and enable (unhide) complete pages and content elements within pages. This allows you to create new versions and hide them whilst you complete your edits. This is described here;
  • It allows you to use a draft workspace. Once you have entered a draft workspace any changes you make will be visible in that workspace but will not be visible to the outside world. Once you are happy with your changes you publish your changes and they then become visible to everyone. This is described here. It is the most powerful method and is one you should learn if you are doing a lot of TYPO3 editing.