Editing existing content

Begin by selecting the page you want to edit from the page tree. To open it for editing click on its name (rather than the page icon).

In the edit panel you will see something like the illustration on the right which shows a page with several content elements in the NORMAL column. Notes:

  1. To see the view shown you need to have "Columns" view selected - which is the norm. Later you may like to experiment with the Quick Edit view.
  2. To edit a content element click icon. (Note that these icons does not appear until you point at the content element).
  3. As we will see, the Rich Text Editor provides a word-processor-like manipulation of a page's content. However, it does not show the page exactly as it will finally appear. To see that you need to click the view icon . This will give a view of the page in a separate widow or tab.

Note that the icons above the content element allow you to:

  1. edit the content element including its heading;
  2.  create a new content element;
  3. move a content element up or down the page;
  4.  hide a content element;
  5.  delete a content element.