Creating new pages

Fig. 1. Creating a new page.

Step One

In page mode, navigate to place where you want to create the new page. We are going to create a page after the one titled Editing Existing Content. To do this we click on the icon () next to this title to generate the menu and select Page Actions then New (Fig 1). This produces the New Record page (Fig. 2). 

Fig 2. Positioning the new page.

Step two

Now decide exactly where you want the new page to appear. For example, to make the page appear immediately after the Editing Existing Content page and on the same level you would click on the icon indicated in Fig 2.

This should result in the creation of the new page. You must now give it a name, and possibly set some other properties as described below. The new page will be empty so you will need to add one or more content elements.