Fig 1: Page with multiple content elements.
Fig 2: Page with a single content element.

Content elements

In TYPO3 the page content consists of a succession of content elements. The CS home page (Fig 1) consists of five separate content elements each of which is of the type Text with Image. This makes sense for this particular page since we may need to change or delete one element while leaving the others unaltered. The page in Fig 2 uses a a single content element of type Regular Text Element - the most general type of content element.

TYPO3 provides several different types of content element including:

Regular Text Element
This is the most general type. Despite its name it can contain text, images, lists, tables or just about anything we might want to place on a web page.
Text with Image
A portion of text accompanied by images which can be aligned in a variety of ways.
Images only
A collection of images which can be aligned in a variety of ways.
Bullet list
A simple way of constructing a bulleted list without having to worry about layout issues.
A simple way of constructing a table.

You do not have to make use of all these types. It is possible to do everything with a single Regular Text Element as has been done in Fig 2. This approach is more like that of Contribute or Dreamweaver with all the page content being edited in one place.

Try the different approaches and see which you prefer!