Adding Content

A newly created page will have no content and will appear as in Fig. 1. To add the first content element click on the icon in the Normal column.

Fig. 1. Page with no content

You will now see a list of the various types of content element available to youas illustrated below (Fig. 2 - the precise list mat vary from user to user). Simply select the type you want in order to move to the content element properties screen. 

Fig. 2. Content type selection form
Fig. 3. The General tab
Fig. 4. The Appearance tab
Fig. 5. The Access tab

The pictures on the right (Figs. 3-5) show how to set the properties of a content element. Note that some properties shown relate to images. these are described later.

General tab (Fig. 3)

  1. You may wish to provide a Header. This will be displayed as a heading above the content element when the page is viewed.

Appearance tab (Fig. 4)

  1. You may want to select a Frame, see the page on Dividers for details.

Access tab (Fig. 5)

  1. Hiding a content element can be useful for new content that you are still working on - you will be able to see the content and edit it, no on else will. Check Content Element Disable to hide a page. (You may find this set by default when a new page is created. There is more on this below.)
  2. On a long page it is useful to provide a Back to top link on each content element. Check the appropriate box.