Crest Open Workshop: Requirements and Test Optimisation

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Date/Time: 11 Feb 13 (start 10:00) - 12 Feb 13
Venue: Engineering Front Executive Suite, Roberts Building, UCL
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5th February 2013

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Requirements engineering aims to model, analyse and understand the real world sufficiently well that we can understand what a software system is supposed to do.
Testing seeks to model, analyse and understand the software system sufficiently well that we can gain confidence that it does do what it is supposed to do and can quickly find and fix cases where it does not.
Many software engineers believe that there should be a strong connection between these two clearly complementary aspects of software engineering, yet there remains too little work that combines the two.
Recent developments in Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) has highlighted similarities between requirements and test optimisation problems [HMZ12] that are, perhaps, surprising given the way in which research in each topic is currently conducted in separated silos of activity. This workshop seeks to draw these two research sub-communities of software engineering together to explore the relationship between requirements and testing. The workshop will focus on the occasionally shared language of optimisation as one possible way to combine the two into more holistic approaches to software systems development.

[HMZ12] Search-based software engineering: Trends, techniques and applications
Mark Harman, Afshin Mansouri and Yuanyuan Zhang
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR): 45(1). November 2012. Article No. 11
(Figure 5 page A:20 highlights one relationship between requirements and regression test optimisation.)
+++++++++1 February 2013 – Day 1+++++++++

10:00 Arrival, Coffee and Pastries

10:20 Welcome and Introductions

Mark Harman, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL

11:00 TBC

Emmanuel Letier, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL, UK

11:30 Discussion

11:45 Requirements engineering and reality: Specifying a million-user system

Ian Sommerville, Department of Computer Science, St Andrews University, UK

12:15 Discussion

12:30 Neil Maiden, City University London School of Informatics, Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, City University London, UK

13:00 Discussion

13:15 Sandwich lunch at the venue

14:15 Optimization models for non-functional requirements validation

Vittorio Cortellessa, Computer Science Department, University of L'Aquila, Italy

14:45 Discussion

15:00 Improving requirements testing with defect taxonomies

Michael Felderer, Institute of Computer Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria

15:30 Discussion

15:45 Refreshments

16:15 Pricing Crowdsourcing-based Software Development Tasks

Ke Mao, Lab for Internet Software Technologies, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

16:45 Discussion

17:00 Mining App store requirements

Yue Jia, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL, UK

17:30 Discussion

18:00 Wrap up

18:30 Light Dinner at the Marlborough Arms

+++++++++12 February 2013 – Day 2+++++++++

9:30 Arrival, Coffee and Pastries

10:00 Requirements are Properties of System Behaviours

Michael Jackson, Department of Computing, The Open University and School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, UK

10:30 Discussion

10:45 Optimising overtime planning

Federica Sarro, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL, UK

11:15 Discussion

11:30 Refreshments

12:00 Software release decisions – Advanced models and optimization methods

Guenther Ruhe, Software Engineering Decision Support Laboratory, University of Calgary, Canada

12:30 Discussion

12:45 Andrea Zisman, Department of Computing, School of Informatics, City University London, UK

13:15 Discussion

13:30 Sandwich lunch at the venue

14:30 TBC

Angelo Susi, FBK - Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

15:00 Discussion

15:15 Refreshments

15:30 Requirements Elaboration: An Inductive Search Problem

Dalal Alrajeh, Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK

16:00 Discussion

16:15 Search based requirements selection and optimisation

Yuanyuan Zhang, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL, UK

16:45 Discussion

17:00 Wrap-up

17:30 Close


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Through the kind support of the EPSRC ( CREST Platform Grant (, we have funding to support this workshop, so registration is free. However, please appreciate that numbers are limited and catering needs to be booked in advance, so registration followed by non-attendance will cause difficulties. For this reason, though the workshop is entirely free of charge, there will be a cancellation fee of £100 for those who register but subsequently fail to attend.

There may be some changes to precise talk titles, though the topic will remain “Requirements and Test Optimisation”, and the times will remain unaltered.

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