Susan Hockey Lecture: Wider Horizons, Harder Borders or Whose data are they, anyway?

Speaker: Charlotte Roueché, King's College London
UCL Contact: Tim Weyrich (Visitors from outside UCL please email in advance).
Date/Time: 21 May 19, 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: G6 LT, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Further Information:

Please note this lecture will be filmed. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception. All welcome but please register to attend.

This event is organised by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, part of the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies.


Over the last 20 years Charlotte Roueché has worked to publish rich accounts of ancient materials online. Over the same period, while connectivity has expanded enormously, one response has been to build more walls and enclosures, both for people and for data. Research is increasingly assessed for its utilitarian value, which is measured by the Research Question, rather than by its power to enable the work of others. In this, the fifth lecture in the annual UCLDH Susan Hockey Lecture series, she will review progress and change in digital humanities, and try to disentangle the threats from the opportunities.

Charlotte Roueché

Charlotte Roueché is Professor Emeritus of Digital Hellenic Studies at King's College London. Charlotte works on texts - inscribed or in manuscripts - from the Roman, late Antique and Byzantine periods. She is particularly interested in the interface between Digital Humanities and Classical and Byzantine studies, exploring how digital tools and digital publication can be used to break down barriers between disciplines, and between scholars across the world.