CMIC Seminar: Steve Thompson and Evelyn Cueva

Speaker: Steve Thompson and Evelyn Cueva
UCL Contact: Dominique Drai (Visitors from outside UCL please email in advance).
Date/Time: 18 Apr 18, 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: Roberts 106


Steve Thompson

Title: Augmented Reality in Laparoscopic Surgery

Abstract: I will discuss my research in improving minimally invasive surgery using image guidance and augmented reality. Past work has focused on image registration and instrument tracking to enable image guidance using augmented reality on the laparoscope's monitor. I will recap this work and cover its key benefits and shortcomings. I will then move on to current work utilising wearable augmented reality (Microsoft Hololens) to project live models of patient anatomy directly on the patient. I will discuss the potential benefits of this approach and the key parts of my ongoing research.

Evelyn Cueva

Title: Mathematical modelling for medical image reconstruction

Abstract: In this talk, I will present how we can model measurements in three different techniques: SPECT, PET and FLIM-OPT. The main idea is to establish a mathematical operator that relates these measurements to the objects that we want to reconstruct. In this sense, we prove some properties about the inversion of these operators. For SPECT and PET, we consider ballistic and scattering measurements in order to recover, simultaneously, the activity and attenuation. In FLIM-OPT, for some particular cases, the activity and lifetime will be recover. Short Bio: I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematical Engineering in Quito-Ecuador. Then I moved to Santiago-Chile for doing my PhD in Mathematical Modelling at Universidad de Chile under the direction of Prof. Matias Courdurier and Prof. Axel Osses. This is my third year within the PhD program and now, I am visiting UCL for a short internship with Prof. Simon Arridge.