Unitu - student voice

Student voice via Unitu

Unitu (www.unitu.co.uk) is a tool that students can use to raise issues, concerns, or others matters for discussion with their peers, to their Academic Representative, and to the department. It provides facilities for students to discuss and vote on matters they wish escalated to the department for attention, including academic and non-academic matters. This enables the department to consider and, where necessary, act promptly to address these, and for students to see the decisions and action that has been taken.

Students will be automatically enrolled into two groups: one for the department as a whole and one for their specific programme of study. They will be able to create, discuss, and vote on issues in both areas, communicate directly with their peers from across the department and with their Academic Representative.

Guidance on appropriate use

Unitu is best used for issues that cannot be resolved within the standard mechanisms for doing so. For example, requests for teaching materials for a particular module, or queries relating to a specific assessments, etc. are best resolved with the relevant lecturer, and ideally posted via the module's Moodle discussion forum. Unitu tends to work best for issues that relate to the programme as a whole, or that affect students across the department. It is down to individual students how they choose to use the platform, but we encourage you to do so constructively and to think critically about which channel to use for raising ideas and issues.

How staff will respond to issues

Professional Services staff will monitor Unitu and will let you know when an item has been read (which we aim to do within 2 working days); we will then assign it an appropriate member of staff to take forward. Depening on what the issue is, we may be able to provide a response quickly or may need to refer it to a future Departmental Teaching Committee. Policy decisions, in particular, may take a weeks or months to resolve; however, we will aim to keep you apprised of the actions we are taking. The termly Staff Student Consultative Committee may review the issues raised over the last period and the actions taken by the department.

Further information