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COMP206P - Mathematics and Statistics

This database contains 2016-17 versions of the syllabuses. For current versions please see here.

Code COMP206P
Year 2
Prerequisites Year 1 of the Computer Science undergraduate degree programme
Term 1 and 2
Taught By Lewis Griffin (Department of Computer Science) (50%)
Hilde Herbots (Department of Statistical Science) (50%)
Aims To provide a grounding in Mathematics and Statistics most relevant to a Computer Science undergraduate degree
Learning Outcomes



Trig, exp and log; polynomials; limits and continuity; differential calculus of one and two variables; integration; series summation and power series; complex numbers; vector spaces.

Statistics Probability, descriptive statistics; discrete random variables; continuous random variables; statistical estimation; hypothesis testing.

Method of Instruction:

Lectures, problem classes and coursework


The course has the following assessment components:

  • Written Examination ( 2.5 hours, 80%);
  • Coursework Section (3 pieces, 20%).

To pass this course, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 40% for all components combined;
  • Obtain a minimum mark of 30% in each component worth ≥ 30% of the module as a whole.




C Chatfield (1983) Statistics for Technology, 3rd Edition, Chapman and Hall

H Anton (1980) Calculus with Analytic Geometry, John Wiley and Sons